Paving a path to wealth equity

As stewards for equitable economic participation, Main ST's aim is to build the underrepresented's capacity for achieving economic self-empowerment as well as economic success.
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Why we want to help

Main ST, founded in 2017, was established in response to the profound and multifaceted impact of economic inequities. The founders were deeply concerned about the economic decline in many communities, particularly affecting small businesses, especially Black-owned businesses, due to lack of access to resources. This economic decline has led to:

- Loss of Economic Impact and Viability: Communities experiencing diminished economic activity and growth.
- Erosion of Culturally Relevant Shopping: The disappearance of local businesses that reflect the community's    culture identity.
- Reduction in local Employment Opportunities: Fewer jobs opportunities within the community.
- Diminished Community Pride: A decline in the sense of community pride and cohesion.

Our efforts aim to address these challenges, restore economic viability, and foster an inclusive and equitable environment for all community members.

What we do works (Main ST values):

We connect (representation and reliability)
Main ST is representative of the people we serve.  As a small minority-led organization with staff who live and work in the same communities we serve, we can relate to those we help. We connect with and understand the challenges faced by underrepresented individuals and businesses. This allows us to establish trusting and meaningful relationships.

We understand (relatable expertise and experience)
Main ST has firsthand experience in overcoming challenges related to building economic capacity.  This insight enables us to lead others through similar obstacles, helping them achieve their economic goals. 

We care (empathy and care)
Main ST genuinely cares about the success of individuals and is invested in preparing a new generation for economic participation either was business owner or leaders. Our compassion and dedication contribute to a supportive and nurturing environment that fosters growth and empowerment.

We partner (collaborative approach)
Main ST understands the power of partnerships and actively collaborates with other organizaton to expand the reach of equitable economic participation. Main ST has developed strong relationships and partnerships with various organizations, schools, and community stakeholders in the area we serve. By woking together with our partners, we are able to leverage shared resources, knowledge and networks to create a more significant impact. These connections allows us to access resources, fundingan support for our programs and services.  

Memberships and Associations

Mon Metro Chamber of Commerce
Pennsylvania Statewide Afterschool Youth Development Network (PSAYDN)- Quality Committee Member
Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations
Greater Pittsburgh Nonprofit Partnership (GPNP)

A photograph by Pulsus Digital Media Company of  different Youth of Ethnic origins all reaching and holding a globe from the Jeron X. Grayson Community Center

Our Purpose

Main ST's collaboration with community partners to improve the region's social impact through equitable wealth building is a strategic approach addressing economic disparities and fostering community empowerment. MainST is particularly focused on supporting underrepresented communities, aiming to enhance their economic capabilities and promote sustained economic prosperity. Main ST and its community partners will lay a solid foundation for sustained economic prosperity, empowering underrepresented communities to amplify their economic abilities and achieve equitable wealth building.
Board Members
Devone Ford, Chair
Georgetta L. Rue, Treasurer
Dr. Lisa Franklin Robinson
Marcella Brewer
Linda C. Weil
Dr. Patricia DeMarco
John Ward
Terry Washington

We Are Open - Business Economic Capacity Building

We Are Open activities improve operational, programmatic, financial, or organizational capability of underrepresented entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations. Capacity building activities are: 

Products (i.e., website design/development, logo design, visual content)·      
Services (i.e., multi-media like podcasts, tech support, streaming,)·      
Education/Training (i.e., workshops, conferences, development,)·      
Development Processes (i.e., strategic planning, fund development, grant writing, business development, coaching, mentoring)

Our Participants & What We do for Them

Youth Economic Mobility

Main Street Logo

Working to increase the economic self empowerment of the next generation

Main ST empowers underrepresented mostly low-income youth through hands-on learning activities, to gain competencies geared to empower and transform them into capable individuals who can navigate and thrive in an inequitable and unjust society by
   · Developing practical /technical, life, and social skills that are essential in the 21st-century workforce;
   · Providing them with opportunities to use their competencies in positive self-promoting ways; and,
   · Fostering pro-social and emotional racial socialization that creates a supportive environment.

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Black working Artists need support to equitably market and sell their art.  A platform that allows them the freedom to showcase their cultural expression based on their experiences and the experiences of their communities, while allowing them to make money.  Although progress has been made to be more supportive of black artists, data shows there still remains a question of equity and inclusivity.

The art ecosystem still remains predominately a white space - most American Artist who successfully make a living from selling their art are white, while the curators, museums, galleries and other venues that set the standard for art are mainly white owned, operated and staffed (Among 18 major U.S. museums, 85% of artists featured are while, while 87% are men, according to 2019 Study by Williams College).  And because of the lack of black representation within this system, when it does come to exhibiting black art, these platforms usually base their selection of which black artists to display on their comfort and viewpoint.

Beyond building inclusivity within these structures, we need to transform the structural landscape to combat this historical inequity.  One way is to increase black operated platforms that identify with black artists experiences and can provide them cultural support. Working with other black art organizations, Arts Collective will provide multimedia, technology and marketing / branding support that provides equitable economic opportunities for black artist to promote, showcase and sell their art.


Where are you located?

Our office is located at 4817 Chatsworth Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15207
Our Programs and Services take place in a variety of locations. Check our website for schedules and locations.

How do we contact you for more information?

You can contact the Main ST Executive Director, Lori Rue, at, for more information.

What programming and services do we provide? What are some the programs?

At this time, we provide the following programs and services
We Are Open
Tech Innovation

How can I apply for Main ST services?

Please check our website for updates

Does my child qualify?

We are in the process of developing our application for community-based activities.

Do we provide year roundproigramming?

Yes. Check our website for our schedule

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