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As stewards for an equitable economy, MainST is invested in increasing economic opportunities for the underrepresented as well as preparing a new generation to become economic contributors by improving competencies in media, marketing, and technology.

Our Participants & What We do for Them

Sankofa Village for the Arts
Website and Brand Design
We Are Open – Website Development and Design
Legacy Arts Project
Tech Innovation - STEAM Programming
Ø Digital Creation (Digital Storytelling using Stop Motion Animation / Animation)
Ø Coding

We Are Open – Website Re-design / Logo Refresh

Tech Innovation - STEAM Programming
Ø Drone Academy
Ø Digital Creation (Digital Storytelling using Green Screen Presentations)
Baker Wells House
We Are Open - Podcast Tech Support
Tech Innovation - STEAM Programming

Ø Digital Creation (Digital Storytelling using social media - Tik Tok)
Ø Drone Academy 

We Are Open – Podcast Tech Support

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Why we want to help

Supporting the underrepresented through media, marketing, and technology services.

Working with DeLoJe’s production house, Pulsus Digital and other local partners, the MAIN ST charitable goals are

1)  to build creative and technical capacity of underrepresented enterprises as a means of improving their impact and reach in order to equitably, economically, and culturally strengthen our communities; and

2)  to advance work equity by training, coaching, and mentoring a new generation of underrepresented youth to be work ready through STEAM Programming.

Our Purpose

Our culturally responsive approach addresses economic equity in three areas of focus.

-        We Are Open services addresses the historical barriers to resources that help minority business owners and organizational leaders equitably compete,

-        Tech Innovation addresses the obstacles that impede minority youth’s ability to compete in a workforce that is still not diverse

-        and, PD Arts Collective addresses the economic challenges minority artists experience in selling their art and connecting commercially to businesses.

We Are Open-Media, Marketing, and Technology Services for Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses and Small

Our practices are a combination of best practices and our own experience of what works.

We employ hands-on methods that are relationship centered.  We feel that connectedness is essential for achieving solid outcomes.  And we individualize our services and activities to provide each customer and partner with services that are based on their specific needs.

Tech Innovation Programs

Tech Innovation Youth STEAM Programming

Main St also strengthens communities by training, coaching and mentoring a new generation to be work ready through the Tech Innovation STEAM Programming. Having gained their passion for multimedia work as youth participants of an out of school program, Pulsus Digital producers want to inspire youth in the same way. As youth, they developed the skills and enthusiasm for computer programming, website building and photography. This early fascination propelled them to continue developing these as well as other media skills. Their aspirations and skills have led them to becoming highly regarded experts in the local multimedia industry, doing work they love.

Tech Innovation introduces youth to the multimedia industry through marketable skill development, personal development and community connectivity. In collaboration with other local youth serving organizations and schools, programming includes internships, after school, and out of school activities.

Tech Innovation currently prioritizes the following regional needs and issues:

- Challenges with participating in afterschool programming during the COVID-19 pandemic    

- Disparity issues related to equity in the STEM workforce

- Culturally responsive programming that addresses micro-messaging

Pulsus Digital Arts

·Black working Artists need support to equitably market and sell their art.  A platform that allows them the freedom to showcase their cultural expression based on their experiences and the experiences of their communities, while allowing them to make money.  Although progress has been made to be more supportive of black artists, data shows there still remains a question of equity and inclusivity.  

The art ecosystem still remains predominately a white space - most American Artist who successfully make a living from selling their art are white, while the curators, museums, galleries and other venues that set the standard for art are mainly white owned, operated and staffed (Among 18 major U.S. museums, 85% of artists featured are while, while 87% are men, according to 2019 Study by Williams College).  And because of the lack of black representation within this system, when it does come to exhibiting black art, these platforms usually base their selection of which black artists to display on their comfort and viewpoint.

Beyond building inclusivity within these structures, we need to transform the structural landscape to combat this historical inequity.  One way is to increase black operated platforms that identify with black artists experiences and can provide them cultural support. Working with other black art organizations, PD Arts Collective will provide multimedia, technology and marketing / branding support that provides equitable economic opportunities for black artist to promote, showcase and sell their art.

drone shot by Pulsus Digital Client


Where are you located?

Our office is located at 4817 Chatsworth Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15207
Our Programs and Services take place in a variety of locations. Check our website for schedules and locations.

How do we contact you for more information?

You can contact the Main ST Executive Director, Lori Rue, at, for more information.

What programming and services do we provide? What are some the programs?

At this time, we provide the following programs and services
We Are Open
Tech Innovation

How can I apply for Main ST services?

Please check our website for updates

Does my child qualify?

We are in the process of developing our application for community-based activities.

Do we provide year roundproigramming?

Yes. Check our website for our schedule

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